Road Trip Wise

Here is your simple and honest guide to being road trip savvy.

Self portraitI love road trips. I believe everyone who experiences them loves them.

Why? Because they expand our perspective, and that feels magical. They reveal to us so many new and wonderful things about ourselves and this exciting world that we live in. We abandon our daily routines for a fresh new existence.

Driving from here to there is one thing, but a road trip is something more…it serves a deeper purpose. It grabs our attention, heightens our awareness, and serves us a feast for our mind.

Being in the midst of travel is a great way to feel the movement of life…to feel our aliveness.


Quote - Senecan Proverb

It’s all about the flow.

Surreal highwayBeing road trip wise is all about being in the flow. We know we’re in the flow when we feel an undeniable rightness about our experience. Without effort, everything finds its proper place. Without planning, our day proceeds with perfect timing. Every moment of our experience happens with miraculous serendipity.

Serendipity (n) – The good fortune of accidental discovery

Spectacular serendipity has accompanied my most wonderful adventures. It has provided the substance for many fascinating travel tales. And if we faithfully invite it, magic will happen. We’ll watch in awe as our journey unfolds in front of us, like some mythical story. May all our journies be blessed with serendipity.

Every travel adventure can be golden. We can be in the flow of every journey. Whether we simply wander or have a particular destination, however far we travel and however long it takes to get there, if we’re in the right state of mind, the experience will be rich. The people we meet and the things we see will enhance our lives.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or you’re new to the world of road travel, I hope you feel at home here. This website is created to help us all get in the flow a little easier.

Maybe you need a free trip plan. Maybe you’d like to go on cheap trips, or you’d like to know how to deal with weather on your trip. Maybe you’d enjoy reading some great travel quotes, or you’d like to find a good road trip movie to watch. Whatever topic you’d like to read about, please wander around

May you discover many gems of wisdom along the way.


Quote - Robert Louis Stevenson

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