About Me

You’d like to know about me? Well, my name is Andrew; I am 39 years old; I am a family man; and I love the work that I do. Aside from all that, I really love road trips. Each road trip I experience is a spiritual quest, revealing deeply meaningful things. I always return home a wiser man.


How did I get this way?


I have always loved driving. I drove my first stick-shift when I was 6 years old. It was a Volkswagon Rabbit, and I drove it all over our backyard field. There, I learned so many lessons about handling a car.

I learned how to drive through the snow; I learned how to slide through the mud; I learned how to fish-tale; I even learned how to roll a car and not get hurt (always wear your seatbelt).

As my siblings and I grew, our parents took us on many road trips. They were never dull. My childhood need for adventure was well met. Road trips taught me things that school never could.

And then I became legal. The day after I got my driver’s permit, I went on my first road trip as the driver. I drove us almost 1600 miles (2575 kilometers), from my home in Pennsylvania to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It was an amazing adventure and my passion for road trips grew even more.

I lived on the east coast of the USA until I turned 22 years old. Then I packed everything I owned in my Oldsmobile Delta 88 (A truly beautiful big black car) and drove across the country to Northern California.

Big black car

My cousin came along for the ride and we took our time. Every moment of our road trip was blessed with miracles, and we have many road trip stories to tell from that journey.

While in Northern California, I lived a quiet life exploring and photographing all the beautiful places around me. I met a lot of wonderful people there, including Selene. She and I fell in love.

Nine months after we met, we packed three cats, a dog, and everything we owned into my truck and into her car, and we drove up the coast to Washington state. We took our time and enjoyed the drive. There were many exciting road trip moments.

Washington state is where we settled down. We live there now with our young son Adler and our little girl Heavenly Rain.

It’s all about the flow.

I build radiant floor heating systems. Hot water is pumped through pipes in the floor, making the floor one big radiator and making your feet very happy. Learning this trade, I have noticed that flow is really important. I have learned to think like water.

And that knowledge has flowed into other aspects of my life. Now I see flow everywhere. If we can feel the flow and be in the flow, then everything falls right into place…into the right place.

Road trips are a great way to witness this philosophy. When we’re on the road, we know when we are in the flow. It feels a certain way…like walking on a really warm floor. It sends a warm and fuzzy sensation up through our body.And being in the flow lets us know that things are well. Road trips are also great practice for living life…for stepping up to the void and leaning into it…for trusting the way before us and feeling the rush of a new experience.

About Me Personally…

I love my family, road trips, and all creative things. I also love that you’re reading about me and letting me share my road trip passion with you. I hope that you find many things on this website that contribute to your journey. God bless you.