Best Road Trips

This road trip gallery, of our best road trips, is a place where I, my family, and my loved ones share our best road trip pictures and stories with you. We relive our road trip experiences for your enjoment. We are giving you a glimpse into our lives as we live them on the road. Whether there is only one picture and a short excerpt of a story, or a dozen pictures and a detailed journal of the trip, it is all worth sharing.

Every road trip I go on is magic in my life. I hope that the words and pictures shared here, convey the magic of our road trips well.

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Utah Road Trip 2011

This road trip takes me and my family across the Cascade Mountains of Washington, down through Oregon, across Idaho, and into the Uinta Mountains of Utah. We were missing Uncle Robert, and we needed to visit him.

  • Page 1 – We made it to our first overnight lodging in Pendleton, Oregon.
  • Page 2 – We drove through the Blue Mountains of Oregon, rode a real steam train, and arrived at our second overnight lodging in western Idaho.
  • Page 3 – We paid a visit to a park in Burley, Idaho, my niece Elizabeth and her family, and arrived at Uncle Robert’s just in time for dinner.
  • Page 4 – Our stay with Uncle Robert was grand. There was great food and fun adventures.
  • Page 5 – We packed up and started for home. We stopped at an aerospace museum and a really clean rest area amongst the Juniper trees.
  • Page 6 – We saw some very neat things on the way home, including a windmill propeller blade, an exquisite park in the high desert, and a giraffe.

California Road Trip 2013

This road trip takes us down through Washington, Oregon, and into the Sacramento Valley of California. Then we cross some mountains to the California Coast, where my sweetheart and I met. We visit friends and family and some beautiful places.

  • Page 1 – We stayed one night in Portland, Oregon, with our dear friend ‘Brother Bruce’.
  • Page 2 – We drive down through Oregon to Yreka, California which is just across the border of California.
  • Page 3 – We travel down through Shasta Trinity National Forest and into the great Sacramento Valley. We make it to our destination in Sonoma County, California and do some exploring.
  • Page 4 – We do some more exploring. We see Pacific Ocean and some beautiful redwood trees. We depart for home.
  • Page 5 – Another stop at ‘Brother Bruce’s’. We have a smooth ride home.

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