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All these pictures of roads portray what part the road plays in the art of exploration, from a beautiful perspective. As a lover of the road trip experience, I created this portion of the website as a grand tribute to the open road. If you love road trips like I do, you will probably be moved by these images.

These photos of roads are all from personal experience. I’ll do my best to tell you what the road trip pics are all about. There is also a list of my other galleries, with road pictures, at the bottom of the page (well worth a look-see).

I also have a few galleries that display my best road trips. Each has a lot of pictures taken while on a road trip.

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Redwoods and Rhododendrons

Road pictures

In 2013, we went on a road trip to California. While we were there, my Uncle Bruce decided to show us one of his most favorite places in the whole world. It’s called the Grove of the Old Trees. As you can see in this road photo, the drive there was very exquisite. The redwoods and rhododendrons warmly welcomed us.


Road picture

In 1998, my cousin Greg and I, went on a marvelous road trip adventure together. I had packed everything I owned into my Oldsmobile Delta 88, and we set off from New York for California. We happened to pass through the Badlands in South Dakota. You can see, in these road pictures, the distant road we had just traveled on, meandering through the bad little hills. It really is a beautiful place. It was well worth the visit.

Road picture

Literal Road Picture

Road picture

This is my literal road picture. I was on my way to somewhere far away…I don’t remember where exactly. But, I remember being caught in traffic. I looked down and out my open window, and I noticed the stripe on the road looked awesome up close and still. I wonder right now if you think so too.

Other ‘Pictures of Roads’ Galleries

Golden roads

Pictures of Golden Roads – All these road pictures were taken late in the day, from my work van, on one particular road trip to Idaho.

High roads

Pictures of High Roads – All these pictures of roads have altitude in common.

Slow roads

Pictures of Slow Roads – These are not highways. Indeed, if you drove more than twenty miles per hour on any of these roads, you might encounter some problems.


Pictures of Highways – Are you looking for a highway picture? You’ll find a few here.

Unique roads

Pictures of Unique Roads – These road pics are very unexpected and taken from unique perspectives.

Thank you for looking.


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