Planning a Road Trip

Planning a road trip really is the first step of your road trip adventure. Your focus is on the journey ahead…but start the adventure before you depart. This road trip planning guide starts you down the right road. Use it along with my Road Trip Planner to get a really great start.

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Road Trip Planning

Road trip planning is an art. My philosophy on planning a road trip is a simple one. Use a road trip planning guide, develop a vision for your road trip, do some research on it, and allow for serendipity.

Packing for a Road Trip

How well you pack your road trip car can have a strong influence on the quality of your road trip, so take care when you’re packing for a road trip. Pack as light as you comfortably can, keep the proper things accessible during the drive, and get the right accessories to help with the packing process.

Checklist for a Road Trip

Packing is a smooth process if you have a road trip checklist.

Of course road trips are as unique as our personalities. If you’d like to make your own checklist for a road trip, You can. Here, I’ll ask you a lot of questions that are designed to get your brain-juice flowing.

And, for a list of ‘must-have’ items, see my list of road trip essentials.

Auto Comfort

A road trip planning guide is not complete without comfort advice. A road trip is not like routine everyday driving. Your auto comfort deserves special attention. Get in the flow by making your ride more comfortable.

Road Trip Timing

The timing of your road trip matters in so many ways.

  • What is the seasonal climate for your road trip?
  • What times of day or night will you travel?
  • How often will you simply wander?
  • How often will you stop to eat food or rest?

Consider timing while planning a road trip. Remember during your road trip…if you’re in the flow, then good timing happens naturally.

Road Trip Food and Road Trip Rest

Eating and sleeping are survival essentials, so planning a road trip must include them. If you’ll be driving more than a few hours, then you should consider your road trip food during your road trip planning. If you’ll be driving more than a day, then you should consider how you’ll sleep during your road trip.

Road Trip Map

This is the part of the road trip planning guide that gives us the ‘big picture perspective’. Whatever I do in life, it seems that having a big picture view of things…from say, fifty thousand feet high (15km), really helps. A road trip map is a great tool for keeping that perspective. It is also an essential tool for planning a road trip. Keep it handy while you’re driving, and make it a pleasure to look at.

And for good ideas on places to visit in the United States, a nice website to see is Family Vacations – Hidden Gems. I really like their road trip philosophy.

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