Road Trip Essentials

Road trip essentials are obviously things that you should always travel with. Sometimes they are not even things…I say that a keen curiosity is essential to a great road trip.

But, my idea of road trip necessities and your idea of road trip necessities could be very different. So, see what I deem essential and take from it what you’d like. What follows here, is what my essentials list looks like as it appears in my checklist for a road trip.

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Essentials Checklist

  • Water and food
  • Everything under “Safety”
  • The right state of mind . . . be in the flow
  • Do a walk-through of your home before you leave.
  • A road atlas with compass or GPS
  • Spare key . . . use hide-a-key or give it to a travel companion
  • A little spare cash hidden away
  • Remember to check the fluids of your road trip car frequently (including the fluid in your fuel tank)

Essentials Defined defines the noun ‘essential’ as follows:a basic, indispensable, or necessary element; chief point

So, if we strictly consider this definition, then there are only three true road trip essentials:

  • A road
  • A ride
  • Fuel to make it go

I’m going to put forth, that our practical definition of the noun essential ought to be as follows: that which meets our need

If you’d like to try something fun, make your own list of essentials. Ask yourself some essential questions:

  • Are there any really long stretches of road with no amenities?
  • Is my ride set up comfortably for long periods of driving?
  • What if I get stranded in a remote place?
  • Do I have a way to get unlost?
  • Do I mind being smelly or wearing smelly clothes?
  • Have I considered the possible needs of all my travel companions?

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