Road Trip Ideas

If you’re searching for a good reason for a road trip, these road trip ideas will help you find one. There is always a good reason for a road trip. And if you’re road trip already has a purpose, maybe you could give your road trip even more purpose. I usually stop at National Parks while driving across the country. And if I’m passing through wine country, It’s nice to stop in and sample some fine food and wine.

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Scenic Road Trips

This is my personal favorite. My Rand McNally road atlas shows scenic routes with a trail of green dots along the road. If you’re planning your road trip route, and you see an opportunity to follow one, please do.

National Parks

These will certainly seem like the scenic road trips mentioned above. Every National Park I’ve been to was beautiful. And all the National Parks that I’ve been to, had excellent camping facilities as well. Also, If you like to hike, then this would be a great road trip reason.

Tasting Tour

Fine food, wine, and beer are things that can define a region. Sampling with your palate, one of these defined regions, is truly a great pleasure. Most great tasting regions of the world are also quite beautiful.

Historical Road Trip

Even for the non-historian, a historical road trip can be very enjoyable. There are many ways to blend some history into your journey.

Humanitarian Road Trip

Volunteer at missions along your road trip route. If you’re religious, visit places of worship, and serve there. If there is a disaster somewhere, make that place the destination of your humanitarian road trip.


A hostel is different than a hotel or a motel. It’s more affordable, and it’s more social. Pick a route and find all the hostels along the way.

Musical Tours

Find out which of your favorite music artists are going on tour. If you can drive it, then you’ve got a great reason for a road trip.


If your road trip car can handle going way off the beaten path, then you could consider overlanding. has a good article on this type of road trip adventure.

Pick Your Passion

What are you passionate about? If you like to prepare food, then plan a chef’s kitchen road trip. I’m sure you can find chefs along the way, who would enjoy giving you tours of their kitchens. Or, if you’re a woodworker, then plan a woodshop tour.

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