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Where do road trip quotes come from? They come from the epiphanies and creative inspirations of our authors, actors, and other well known people.

We’ve all had epiphanies and creative inspirations. They are brilliant ideas come to us mysteriously. Usually they are unexpected. Always they are divine gifts. It’s amazing how they can change the way we see the world around us.

Many celebrities have shared with us their epiphanies and creative inspirations in the form of poetry, novels, and spoken word. Some of those quotes regard the art of road tripping. Below is a small collection of road trip quotes. If you also enjoy movie quotes, see my page Road Trip Movie Quotes .

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Why should we go on a road trip?

“The wise man travels to discover himself.”
from James Russell Lowell

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
from Mark Twain

“The journey is my home.”
from Muriel Rukeyser

“I think that travel comes from some deep urge to see the world, like the urge that brings up a worm in an Irish bog to see the moon when it is full.”
from Lord Dunsany

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”
from Bill Bryson

“We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.”
from Carson McCullers

“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.”
from Caskie Stinnett

Road Trip Advice

“The journey not the arrival matters.”
from T.S. Eliot

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
from Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it within us or we will find it not.”
also from Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.”
from Fitzhugh Mullan

“All that is gold does not glitter; Not all those who wander are lost.”
from J.R.R. Tolkien

“Embrace the detours.”
from Kevin Charbonneau

Road Trip Moments

“When we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don’t know ourselves. Cool, unlying life will rush in.”
from D.H. Lawrence

“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.”
from Gilbert K. Chesterton

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”
from Jack Kerouac

“Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness.”
from Ray Bradbury

“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.”
from Charles Dudley Warner

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.”
from Douglas Adams

“Wonders of a journey consist far more of such intangible experiences and unexpected situations than of factual things and events of material reality.”
from Lama Anagarika Govinda

From the Deeply Wise

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
from Confucious

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled.”
from Mohammed

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”
from Lao Tzu

“When you’re traveling, ask the traveler for advice, not someone whose lameness keeps him in one place.”
from Rumi

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”
from Buddha

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