Road Trip Safety

It is a funny paradox with road trip safety. Some of my greatest travel tales have come from my travel troubles. Disaster can be an exciting memory when I have survived it well. Yet, I will always pray for safe passage. Besides, disaster is not the only way to have good travel tales to tell. And if we do encounter disaster, we can handle it well when we’re well prepared.

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Roadside Assistance

My auto insurance company offers roadside assistance for a small amount of money. Your auto insurance company may offer roadside assistance. If not, there are many companies that do offer great roadside assistance packages.

Automobile Reliability

Even when you have roadside assistance, an unscheduled stop, because of a broken ride, is rarely enjoyable. Automobile reliability is worth our attention. And, automobile maintenance keeps your road trip car in the flow and helps you travel with peace of mind.

Road Trip Weather

We’re traveling far from home. We may be in a whole new kind of place. We might even experience weather we’ve only heard about (I have yet to experience a hurricane). Please be aware of the dangerous kinds of road trip weather you might encounter.

First Aid Kit

Bringing along a first aid kit is bringing along peace of mind. And it’s not enough to have a first aid kit ; You’ve got to be savvy with it. Know its contents and how to use them. You can probably learn first aid at your local fire department for free. There are also some online courses you can take.

Special Attention

Road trip safety deserves a lot of attention.

As a teenage driver, I was in a lot of car accidents. What’s worse than getting hurt in a car accident? Hurting someone else in a car accident is. I could have prevented a lot of pain and suffering for myself and others, if I had just paid more attention (and not been so excited to test the limits of my car).

The habit of mindfulness goes a long way toward staying safe. The company I work for has a ‘culture’ of safety. We are constantly reminded to make safety a conscious part of everything we do.

As a result, our company of over a hundred people, has gone for more than a year and a half without one reportable accident. So, please make road trip safety a conscious part of your journey.

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