Road Trip Suggestions

There are many ways to get in the flow. I will share with you the road trip suggestions that get me in the flow. I have gathered many of this road trip advice from this website. I hope this wisdom works for you like it works for me.

Although some of them may seem obvious, they are still worth reading.

Allow the Serendipity

Be in the flow. Having a road trip plan is nice. I make a plan before every road trip. It’s a real pleasure to sit down with a road atlas and find the way to go. But, don’t be a slave to it. When the Universe doesn’t want to go where you want it to, relax. Have faith. If you pay attention and play your part, then everything will fall into exquisite order.

Have Faith

I’ve heard faith described as, “stepping up to the void and leaning into the unknown.” And I would add, “while abandoning fear”. One of my favorite things about road trips, is facing the unknown. It makes me feel even more alive. And it requires trust. If we simply pay attention and play our part, everything will fall right into place.

Be in the Right State of Mind

Driving somewhere, just to get there, is mundane. Let’s make it something more than that. Invite serendipity. Pay special attention to the things you see and the people you meet. With the right road trip state of mind, we find ourselves drifting in a river of miracles. Amazing things will happen.

Don’t Push It

Being in the flow, means doing things the Divine Way, not doing things our own way. Figuring things out and paying special attention, are two completely different things. I have observed with great clarity, that my own thought-up way is much less spectacular than what’s revealed to me in quiet humility. And hear me right about revelation. There is nothing special about me. The Divine reveals to us all equally.

Pack Light

Packing for a road trip is a moment of awesome anticipation. Please don’t get carried away with it. The more stuff you pack, the more you’ll feel weighed down. It did take some experience to learn this, but, the fewer non-essentials you bring along, the less distracted you’ll be. Your attention will be where it matters most, the road trip, and not on a burdensome load.

Pack Carefully

There is a ‘right’ place for everything. Help everything find its ‘right’ place. Once you’re on the road, continue to pay special attention. For things that have NOT found their ‘right’ place, as they move around during the road trip, they will help you find their ‘right’ place.

Make Yourself Comfortable

This is a very obvious road trip suggestion. Auto comfort ought to be an automatic consideration…right? But, how many times have you settled for ‘how things are’? When discomfort is distracting you from being in the flow, pay attention. There is always a way to make it right.

Have a ‘Big Picture’ Perspective

That is what a road trip map is for. I prefer paper maps. Digital maps are fine. You may prefer digital maps. But paper maps immerse me (they seem to give me their own road trip advice). Just be sure on occasion, to get the ‘big picture’ perspective (look at your road trip map). It will give you insights.

Meet People

Whether you’re extrovert or introvert, it’s important to pay special attention to the people you meet on a road trip. The most profound serendipity seems to happen through people. If you have shy tendencies, please use the road trip experience as an excuse to break free of that for awhile.

Go Off the Beaten Path

Magic lies in the unexpected. How can you find the unexpected, if you’re always doing what’s expected. Spend a few moments, at least once in your journey, veering off course. Listen for the unseen Guidance, and follow it.

Pay Special Attention

Every road trip can be a journey of amazing discoveries…of the world around us and within. Don’t be stuck with ‘tunnel-vision’. If you’re focused only on your destination, you’ll miss the magic all around you. There is no need to figure it all out. Just pay attention, and play your part. And things will fall into exquisite order.

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